Change a Cisco Webex Remote Computer Description or Alias

Site administrators can change the names and descriptions of computers accessed remotely with Remote Access.

    1 Sign in to Webex Site Administration and go to Configuration > Remote Access > Manage Groups.
    2 Locate the computer for which you want to edit information.
    3 Select the link for the computer.
    4 In the Edit Computer window that appears, make your changes.
    5 Select Update to save your changes.

    If the Access code and Password expires in boxes are unavailable, it means that you have previously blocked changes to the access code for this level.

    You can specify the following names for a Remote Access computer:

    • Computer name: When installing the Remote Access Agent on a remote computer using the Remote Access Setup Wizard, you or a customer can specify this name on the Account Information panel. The Computer name text box, by default, displays the name created by the network administrator at the remote location.

      After a remote computer is set up for Remote Access, the customer can change the computer name from the Remote Access Agent on the remote computer.

    • Alias: You can specify and edit this name any time on the Manage Groups page.

      If you give a computer these two names, the computer name appears in the parentheses, following the alias, on your Manage Groups page and on a support representative’s Remote Access page.

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