I Can't Start Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Hybrid Meetings.

I can't start Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Hybrid meetings.

I get an error 'Cannot start the meeting' when trying to start a CMR Hybrid meeting.

I can't access my previously scheduled CMR Hybrid meetings.

참고: CMR 클라우드는 Meeting Center 비디오 회의로 개칭 되었습니다. Some links and text may still refer to CMR Cloud, but information should still apply to the renamed service.

The most likely cause of this issue is the CMR Hybrid session type has been disabled for your account in site administration.

If your hosts have meetings scheduled for CMR Hybrid, and you are transitioning some of them to Meeting Center Video Conferencing, it is recommended to leave both Meeting Types enabled. Disabling the CMR Hybrid meeting type 'Meeting Center TelePresence' will cause hosts who have previously scheduled CMR Hybrid meetings to fail when attempting to start them. The only way to avoid this is to not disable this meeting type or re-enable if the disablement has already taken place. This setting will be found under the host's account within Site Admin

Note: CMR Hybrid becomes EoS effectively on February 28, 2021. 2021년 2월 28일 이후에도 CMR 하이브리드 서비스는 2021년 4월까지 계속 제공되며(EOL), 이 시점에 CMR 하이브리드 고객은 최신 버전의 CMR 클라우드로 자동으로 마이그레이션됩니다.

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