We only support the most recent version of Webex App, and if you are experiencing any issues, make sure that you've upgraded to the latest version before contacting support.

For the latest release information, check out Release Notes.

In the left panel of the app, click , and then click Restart. If you don't see the refresh icon, then you don't have an update waiting for you right now.


When you're using an older version of the app, you'll receive a prompt to upgrade.

If you don't have your iPhone or iPad set to automatically download your apps (Settings > Automatic Downloads > Apps), you'll need to check the App Store for the latest version.

In the App Store, tap Updates. If there's no Update option, the app is updated.


In the Play Store, tap , and then tap My Apps.


Find the Webex App and tap Update.

  • If there's no Update option, the app is updated.

  • If the Open app screen appears, return to the update list and tap Update again.

When you sign in, you're using Webex App's latest version.

If you've had the Webex App web view open for awhile, refresh your browser tab to update the view.