If you are a customer or partner administrator, you can enable chat escalation in your virtual assistants by adding an action named GetExpert to the intent in your DialogFlow agent. An intent describes the intention of the customer for the chat.

When a customer enters a query, it triggers an intent. If the intent contains a GetExpert action, the Virtual Agent escalates the chat to an agent in the agent desktop.

You can control when your Virtual Agent escalates conversations to the agents by configuring the GetExpert action trigger in DialogFlow.

To use intents, you can download a pre-configured intent from https:/​/​virtual-assistant.produs1.ciscoccservice.com/​DialogFlow/​escalation.json, and use your DialogFlow agent's intent page to upload it.

In DialogFlow, you can trigger an intent:

  • When the customer enters certain phrases.

  • When a specific piece of customer information is available in the conversation.

  • When the customer enters a phrase that is not recognized by your DialogFlow agent configuration.

  • As a follow-up to another triggered intent.