Proximity Pairing is not Working between Webex Desktop Clients and Room Devices

Proximity pairing is not working between Webex desktop clients and room devices.

I can't pair to Cisco Webex Room Devices.

Proximity Pairing to Cisco Webex Room Devices is not working.

Cannot Proximity Pair at all

Cisco Webex desktop client is not pairing with Cisco Webex Room Device using Proximity Pairing

If a user fails to automatically pair guide them to use the 'Search for Nearby Devices' (exclusive mode) search. This will not always be possible.

This can be identified with the following logs statement:
Audio Recording Failed in Exclusive Mode

This can be due to an error which could be provided, such as another application already using Exclusive Mode – 'AUDCLNT_E_EXCLUSIVE_MODE_NOT_ALLOWED'

In this case you should ask the user to close other audio recording apps on their laptop and try to to re-test. Also ensure that the user is actually within range of a Cisco Webex Enabled Room Device.

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