License Reporting

Use the Dedicated Instance usage report to understand the license usage and to verify if the licenses are used for a particular region.

To understand all the roles in Cisco Webex Control Hub, see Assign Roles in Control Hub.

Customer operations

To view the license usage details:

  1. Sign in to Control Hub using your customer credentials at

  2. Click Account from the left navigation under Management, and then click Subscriptions on the top right, to view the Dedicated Instance subscription summary associated with the subscription ID on the Control Hub.

    You can see License usage across all subscriptions.

    CH Licnese usage

    Multitenant, represent the license usage details of Webex Calling.

    Dedicated Instance, represent the license usage details of Dedicated Instance.

Partner operations

To view the subscription summary:

  1. Sign in to Cisco Partner Hub using the partner administrator sign-in at

  2. Click Customers, and select the customer.

    To see the subscription details of the customer without launching the customer portal, from the View Customer panel, click Subscriptions and then Webex Calling.

    You can see the overall Calling License usage by the customer.

  3. Click View Customer, to launch the organization details.

  4. From the Control Hub, click Account from the left navigation under Management, and then Subscriptions on the top right, to view the Dedicated Instance subscription summary associated with the subscription.

    cluster wise license info

Dedicated Instance usage detailed report

Dedicated Instance detailed usage report gives an insight into the usage details about the users and the devices. You can also see Dedicated Instance usage details from the Calling page.

The Dedicated Instance service activation status can be viewed under services Calling > Dedicated Instance > Status.

Partner and/or customer with full administrator rights can generate a detailed license usage report and download once available. However, read-only administrators can only download the report. With this report, you’ll be able to validate the license consumption before the renewal of subscriptions and can validate overage & usage.

License csv report
Sample report


If you’re unable to generate the report after two attempts, you need to raise a case with Cisco Support for further assistance. For more information see, Dedicated Instance Tier 1 Support.


The report is available for download for a period of 7 days, after which the administrator has to regenerate the report.

cluster wise license info


The speech View column is displayed only if you’ve subscribed for Speech View licenses.

The Usage by region displays the region configured for license usage.

Table 1. Dedicate Instance usage details



Region Represents the Dedicated Instance Data Center location where the Dedicate Instance application cluster is installed.
Server The server that is used for Dedicate Instance cluster configuration.
Professional The full-featured tier for employees and contractors who use multiple communication devices, including Teams, as part of their job duties. This tier includes voicemail.
Standard Built for the individual user's calling needs as a casual telephony user.

A Standard licensed user can have either a physical device (Cisco collaboration device, Cisco phone, ATA, or third-party device) or soft client (Webex App, desktop, tablet, mobile), but not both.

The Standard license type currently applies to the United States. Availability of the standard license for other regions is done in phases.
Workspace Hard endpoint not associated to any user including Analog Devices, Conference room, corridor & workspace devices consume the workspace licenses.

Room Systems

All TP (telepresence endpoints) registering to Dedicated Instance will be accounted under Webex devices.

Speech View

Cisco Speech View converts voice messages to text and delivers the text version of the voice message to your email inbox, allowing you to read your voice messages and take immediate action. This gives the number of Speech View licenses consumed.

Refer to Data Sheets for more information on the SpeechView Data Sheet.