Meeting attendees may wish to call in if they’re having bandwidth issues or if they’re out and about and would prefer to join using audio only.

Integrated audio for call-in calls is enabled, by default. You can disable this setting for your organization in Control Hub, if needed.


From the customer view in, go to Services.


Select Calling > Service Settings.


Scroll down to Call Routing for Webex Meetings Dial-in calls and choose one of the following:

  • Optimized On-net—This is the default and recommended option to achieve PSTN cost savings and optimized call routing.

  • PSTN (not recommended)—This option disables on-net routing optimized for Webex Meetings for call-in calls.


Click Save.

What to do next


Integrated Audio for Webex Calling enables on-net routing of Webex Meetings 'Call me' calls for Webex Calling users. To configure a Webex Meetings site to use this feature, see: Configure a Webex Meeting site to use Integrated Audio for Webex Calling.


Call-back functionality is not available on Webex sites configured for:

  • CCA SP

  • CCA-Enterprise