The file system on Webex Board, Room and Desk devices is encrypted using Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS), the standard for Linux hard disk encryption. The file system encryption key is saved in either NVRAM or NOR-flash. During a factory reset, the key is overwritten and cannot be recovered, rendering anything on the disk unreadable. This makes factory reset a secure method of deleting data in compliance with US DOD 5220.22M.

During a factory reset:

  • Call logs are deleted

  • Passphrases are reset to default

  • All device parameters are reset to default values

  • All files that have been uploaded to the device are deleted

  • The previous (inactive) software image is deleted

  • Option keys are not affected

You can’t undo a factory reset. Make certain that it’s necessary to do so, before you start.

We recommend that you use the web interface or user interface to factory reset the device. You should back up the log files, configurations, and custom elements of the device before you perform a factory reset; otherwise this data will be lost. Refer to the Administration Guide for information about the different ways to backup and reset your device.