*See Step 4 for more information about the delayed claim option.

If your organization has Site Administration managed sites

We highly recommend that you claim users before updating your site from Site Admin to Control Hub. If you claim users into your organization after the site has been updated to Control Hub, then those users can lose access to meetings and meeting assets in the site.

As a workaround, you can do the following to make sure that users won't lose access to meetings and meeting assets in the site after the site has been updated to Control Hub:

  • For users with external admin privileges to the organization or site—Remove all external admin access to the organization and site, and then remove the meeting site license. After you claim the user, re-license that user to the site. You can also restore their external admin privileges.
  • For regular users—Remove the meeting site license, claim the user to your organization, and then re-license that user to the site.

Read this before you try to claim users:

  1. Disable directory synchronization in the Directory Connector before claiming users.

    If you run a synchronization and the claimed users are not in your directory, the synchronization process could delete the claimed users. We recommend that you test with a dry-run synchronization after you claim users.

  2. Verify your domains in Control Hub, so you can claim any users whose accounts use those domains in their email addresses.

    You don't have to claim the domains to claim the users. See Manage your domains for a full explanation.

  3. Decide whether to allow users to migrate content from their old account to their new account.

    To allow migration, enable the Allow users to bring their Webex conversations with them setting in the Claim users page or the Organization Settings page.

    If you enable this setting, Webex uses the delayed claim process to claim users that are eligible to migrate their content.


    This feature applies only to personal Webex accounts. You can migrate a user from one enterprise organization to another, but you can't transfer their Webex conversations. Deleting your original organization permanently deletes all of the information associated with your organization, including data for all users. You'll lose data like Webex App messages and files, and all Webex Meetings data including Webex Meetings URLs and meeting recordings.

  4. If you allow users to bring their content, you can claim them using one of the following options:

    • Immediate claim—Webex adds the accounts to your organization right away, and you can start managing and assigning licenses to them. Users can decide what to do with their old user account the next time they sign in.

    • Delayed claim—Users have 14 days to decide whether to migrate their Webex conversations from their old account to their new account. If they don't make a decision in 14 days, Webex automatically moves their accounts and Webex conversations to your organization. If you don't want users to bring their Webex conversations with them, you can disable the delayed claim option.


      Not all users are eligible for delayed claim. Users in the following organizations won't have the delayed claim option available and will lose their content if you claim them to your organization:

  5. Choose one of the following methods to claim users with:

    • Method 1: Claim Users—Shows you a list of up to 100 users that you can claim outside your organization.

    • Method 2: CSV File Add or Modify Users—Exports a CSV file of all users outside your organization that you can claim. You can edit the CSV file to choose who you want to claim.

You can see a list of users that you can claim. If there are more than 100 eligible users, you'll need to export the list to a CSV file.


Sign in to Control Hub, go to Users and click Manage users > Claim users.


Click on Selectable list and click Next.


(Optional) Use the drop-down menu to sort your list of users by domain.


Select the users that you want to claim, and click Next.


Follow the wizard to assign licenses to users, and click Next.

If you use automatic license assignment, Webex assigns licenses to the new users.


(Optional) Review the new users you've selected and the licenses you're assigning to them.

This screen doesn't appear if you use automatic license assignments.

Check the I understand that claiming these users is permanent and agree to proceed check box, and click Claim users.

If you have to claim more than 100 users at once, you'll need to use a CSV file to claim them. You can export users to a CSV file, modify the file, and then claim them by importing the CSV.


If you want to switch between immediate claim or delayed claim for a user, you must export a different CSV file after enabling or disabling the Allow Users to bring their Webex conversation with them setting.


Sign in to Control Hub and go to Users, click Manage users.


Select Claim users > CSV bulk edit and click Next.


Do one of the following:

  • Click Download CSV to download all potential claimable users in a CSV file.
  • Click Download CSV template to manually add the users you want to claim.

Modify users in the CSV file as needed.


Click Choose a file to upload the CSV file, and click Claim users.

If you use automatic license assignment, then Webex assigns licenses to these imported users.

(Optional) You can check the status of the import in progress.

When you retract your claim on a user, that user goes back to their previous organization and keeps their previous status.

You can retract a claim if the user has not yet signed in (which activates their account in your organization) and if you're within 14 days since you made the claim.

The retract claim option won't be available for users with the same domains that have been claimed in your organization.

The following table describes some conditions that affect whether you can retract a user claim:

Table 1. Conditions for retracting immediate or delayed claim users


Can I retract claim from delayed-claimed user?

Can I retract claim from immediate-claimed user?

User has signed in and selected an option.

Red X No

Red X No

User has not signed in.

14 days have passed since the claim.

Red X No

Red X No

User has not signed in.

14 days have not yet passed since the claim.

Green Check Yes

Green Check Yes

Before you begin

Your organization must not have the domain claimed in Control Hub if you want to retract the claim for a user with the same domain. If you have the domain claimed, you can temporarily release the domain, retract the user, and then claim the domain again.

In Control Hub https://admin.webex.com, go to Users and sort the list by Status.


Depending on how you claimed the user, choose one of these options:

  • Delayed-claimed users—Select a user with the Delayed Claim status, and then Click Here.
  • Immediate-claimed users—Click MoreMore inline button next to a recently claimed user, and then select Retract User Claim.


    Users that were immediate claimed have the Not Verified status.


Select Retract.

When you claim a user, Control Hub sends the user an email notification:

Email when a user gets claimed.

The user can then choose what to do with their old account before moving to your organization. Depending on how you claimed the user, user can choose from the following options:

Immediate claim

Users that were immediate claimed have two options that they can choose from:

  • Change email address and keep original account.

  • Delete original account.

Options for when a user first signs in after an immediate claim.

Delayed claim

Users with the Delayed claim status have three options:

  • Change email address and keep the original account.

  • Transfer content from original account to new account.

  • Delete the original account.


In some cases, users may only have the option to change the name associated with the account. If the user does change the account name, that consumes a paid license in another organization.

claimed email notification

If another organization claims a user from your organization, you could see that user's email address ends in .convert-user.local.


You can't delete users claimed by another organization. Their status automatically updates after they choose what to do with their old accounts.

Do all claimed users show up as Active in my organization?

Claimed users match the status they had in their previous organization. For example, if a user's status was Not Verified in their previous organization, then their status is Not Verified when you bring them into your organization.

Does my organization's retention policy apply to claimed users when they migrate their content?

Yes, your organization's retention policy applies to all spaces and content of the users you claim.

What happens if a delayed claim user takes no action during the 14-day period?

A user has Delayed Claim status until they decide what to do with their old account. If the user takes no action within 14 days, Webex automatically migrates their account and previous Webex content into your organization.

How do I check the status of my claimed users?

Open the Users page in your organization to see the claimed users. Immediate claimed users appear with the status that they had in their previous organization. Delayed claim users have the Delayed Claim status for up to 14 days. This means they can still choose how to proceed with their old account.

Why don't I see some users with my organization's domain in the list of eligible users to claim?
  • You can't claim a user from an organization that uses single sign-on (SSO).
  • You can't claim a user from a domain that is verified by another organization. Even if you have verified the same domain in your organization. See Manage your domains for a full explanation.
  • You can't claim a user from an organization that uses directory synchronization.
What happens if the user signs in to their account after the claim has happened? Does the administrator still get to retract the claim?

No. After the user signs in, you can't retract the claim.

How do I locate the exact set of users that are eligible to retract the claim?
Filter the user list by Status.
Can the organization that I'm claiming a user from retract a claim that my organization made?

No. The organization that initiated the claiming process can retract the claim.

Can I retract the claim from users in bulk?

No. You can retract the claim for each affected user.