Before you begin

Real-time translation is an add-on for Webex Meetings. Beginning with the 41.5 update, real-time translation is available in Webex Events (new) in webinars for plans supporting 3000 users to 10,000 users. With the 41.7 update, the Webex App supports real-time translation. Meetings started or joined from a space don't support real-time translation.

You must enable Webex Assistant for meetings for users who need real-time translation. Users must have the Webex Assistant for Meetings license and the Real-Time Translations license.

You can assign Real-TimeTranslation licenses in any of the following ways:


Add a license for an existing user

Follow the instructions in Edit Service Licenses in Control Hub for Individual Users.

Add licenses for multiple users

Follow the instructions in Modify Users in Control Hub with the CSV Template.

Add licenses for new users, by default

Follow the instructions in Set Up Automatic License Assignment Templates in Control Hub.