Dedicated Instance Integration with Office365 Technical Guide

This technical guide describes integrating Webex Calling Dedicated Instance with a Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 server.

Dedicated Instance API Provisioning Guide

Cisco provides partners with the full set of Collaboration APIs for applications hosted in a Cisco Webex Calling Dedicated Instance. This allows you to resolve complex integrations, develop custom solutions, and extend collaboration services for partners and customers.

Configuring Emergency Responder with a National E911 Service Provider

Cisco Emergency Responder integrates with National E911 Service Provider like RedSky for automated Location update, MSAG (Master Street Address Guide) for a User input location and Call Completion. Emergency Responder automatically finds and tracks the dispatchable locations of all your devices as they move throughout the enterprise so you can comply with E911 regulations.

Configuring Unified Communications Manager for Nomadic E911 Support

Nomadic E911 enables administrators to address the requirements of RAY BAUM’S Act by letting users update their location natively in Webex App.