Voice Message: Meeting Number Invalid (when Entered Correctly)

Voice Message: meeting number Invalid (when entered correctly).

Error: 'Invalid Meeting Number' when dialing teleconference telephone number.

No answer to the teleconference telephone number.

No teleconference phone number displaying in a meeting.

Error: 'I'm sorry, your entry ... is not valid. Please re-enter your meeting number followed by the pound sign.'


For online meetings (where you are joining from a browser or the Cisco Webex Meetings app on a mobile device)

  • Make sure you are dialing in to the number shown in the audio conference window. This number may be different than the one shown in your email invitation.
  • Conferences that are scheduled as part of an online meeting cannot be joined or started unless the web meeting is running and in progress. Make sure the meeting has been started, and that the host has joined and started the audio conference. As an attendee, join the online meeting before you dial in to the audio conference.
  • To allow attendees to join the web and audio portion of the meeting before host, the options 'Attendees can join X minutes before start time' and 'Attendees can also connect to audio conference' need to be enabled by the host while scheduling a meeting.

For audio-only or Personal Conference meetings

  • Check your email invitation and dial the number shown. Check the numbers carefully. Some numbers are used for backup and should only be used if the primary call-in numbers are not working.

    Note: This screenshot does not indicate the actual dial-in numbers for your meeting. Use the information from your email invitation for the actual dial-in number and access code.
  • Check with the host to make sure they have started the meeting. For help, see: WBX71898 - How Do I Contact the Host of My Meeting?

Contact technical support if you have verified the join information and are still having issues.


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