Will a Meeting Close Automatically if it Exceeds the Estimated Duration?

Will a meeting close automatically if it exceeds the estimated duration?

What will happen if the meeting duration is exceeded?

Will my meetings end if they run too long?

Will a Webex meeting terminate at the scheduled end time selected in Outlook?

Can I start my scheduled meeting early?


The estimated duration does not determine the actual length of the meeting. If you exceed the duration of your meeting, nothing will happen. The meeting will stay active until the host ends the meeting. The duration function is only to make attendees aware of how long a meeting is estimated to last.

Also, the meeting start time is just a time expected for a meeting to start. The meeting may be started early or late by the host, and can be ended whenever the host chooses to end the meeting.


If a meeting is scheduled for 1:00 P.M. PST the meeting can be started by the host at any time before or after that start time. This also applies with ending time. If the meeting is scheduled to end at 2:00 P.M. PST the meeting can be ended at any time before or after the scheduled end time.

For more information refer to Webex Meetings | Receive a message that the meeting will end in x minutes

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