Unable to Play Streamed WRF File

Unable to play streamed WRF file.

Webex Player hangs at Connecting status.

Unable to play recorded .WRF file.

MP4 Recordings Default in Webex Meetings 40.10

In the upcoming October (40.10) update, all-new recordings in Webex Meetings will be stored in MP4 format, either in the cloud or locally as selected at the site or host level, with a video-centric experience. By standardizing the recording format, you'll have a wider choice of playback tools, better security, and a more effortless collaboration experience even after your meetings. Existing ARF and WRF recordings can still be downloaded or played at the Webex site. For more information regarding video-centric recording, go to Video-Centric Network-Based MP4 Recordings in Webex Meetings and Webex Events.


Important: The steps into this article only apply to .WRF files that have streaming links pointing to third party web servers.

Verify that the link to the recorded file is correct:

  1. Right-click the link to the recorded file.
  2. Select Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location.
  3. Paste the address in your web browser's address bar.
  4. Remove the first half of the URL (up to "FileName=") and press Enter.
    • Example URL: http://sitename.webex.com/sitename/playback.php?FileName=http://pso1.webex.com/FileMgt/WebexpressLearning/MC_6.0_edit_meeting.wrf

If the link is not prompt for download, the file may be in a location with restricted access, or the link may be incorrect. The Web Administrator will need to place the WRF file in a directory that is publicly accessible or correct the error in the URL. Please contact the Web Administrator of the website for further assistance.

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