Webex App Outlook Integration on Mac

Webex App Outlook Integration on Mac.

Unable to integrate Webex App with Outlook on Mac.

Ensure the Webex App Outlook integration is enabled:

The Webex App Outlook integration is auto-enabled for Mac users if no other app registers for the same protocol handler. To ensure it is enabled, or to manually enable the Webex App Outlook integration:

  1. Go to Preferences > General.
  2. Ensure the Start Cisco Webex Meetings when my computer starts and Always connect to Microsoft Outlook options are enabled.
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If you have issues integrating Webex App and Outlook:

Check whether Webex App is the default provider for x-mspresence. To check the default provider for x-mspresence, type the following in the terminal:
  • USERNAME-M-X77Y:config username$ open x-mspresence://123
If Webex Teams app opens, then Webex App is the only app registered for this protocol handler.

An Example of good log lines for Webex App Outlook Integration:
Line 19460: 2020-01-18T01:17:08.255Z <Debug> [0x11548fdc0] OutlookPresenceIntegration.mm:166 -[OutlookPresenceEventHandler didUpdateContact:withStatus:andMessage:]_block_invoke:Outlook Apple event, successfully updated contact. send with status: 1433299744
Line 384: 2020-01-17T21:57:52.999Z <Debug> [0x70001011e000] OfficeAdapter_apple.mm:31 initIntegration:listen to outlook events for office integration (whether or not we're registered as the presence provider in Outlook
Line 6159: 2020-01-17T21:58:49.392Z <Debug> [0x700010224000] OfficeService.cpp:122 startIntegration:Starting office integration.
Line 450: 2020-01-17T21:57:53.060Z <Debug> [0x70001011e000] OfficeAdapter_apple.mm:100 outlookVersionAcceptableForIntegration:Is Acceptable version: 1

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