Connect the Multibase to a Bluetooth Device

The Cisco Headset 560 Series Multibase can connect to Bluetooth devices such as a mobile phone or tablet. The headset base appears on your call device as Cisco Headset followed by the last three digits on your headset serial number.

You can find your headset serial number in the lower right corner on the underside of your base.

The multibase can store up to four different paired Bluetooth devices. If you already have four paired devices, the base will replace the device which has not been used in the longest time.


Press the Bluetooth button on the back of the base twice to start pairing.


Select your headset from the Settings menu on your device.

The Bluetooth LED lights white when pairing is successful.

Turn Bluetooth On and Off with the Multibase

Your multibase remembers the last-connected device. When you turn Bluetooth off on the multibase, the connection to the device stops. When you turn Bluetooth on again, the base tries to reconnect to the device.

Press the Bluetooth button on the back of the base once to turn in on or off.

Erase All Bluetooth Pairings

You can erase all saved Bluetooth device pairings.

Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the back of the multibase for four seconds to clear the memory.