Silence an incoming call

If you don't want to answer a call, you can decline or ignore the calls. If you decline the call, the caller hear less ring cycle. If you ignore the call, the caller hears the complete ring cycle.

The call will transfer to your voicemail, if voicemail is configured.

When a call is ringing,

  • Press Decline to immediately send the call to voicemail (if configured).
  • Press Ignore to silence the ringer. If the call is not answered, then it is sent to voicemail (if configured).

Set do not disturb

You can set the handset to not disturb you when you get an incoming calls. This is called do not disturb (DND) mode. When you are in this mode, you see the DND icon in the screen headers. If you get a call while DND is active, the call is sent to voicemail.

While in DND, many of the icons that display on the header are different from normal.

To use this feature, your administrator must enable DND.


Press Menu .


Select Settings > Do not disturb.


Highlight your choice.

  • Disabled (default): DND mode is off.
  • Enabled: DND mode is on.

Press Select to save the setting.