If you work with Jabber and Slack, we've made it even easier to make a direct call from Slack using the Cisco Jabber app. Simply install the app from the Slack Directory, and enable the native caller in Slack to use Jabber. To use Jabber with Slack, you must have a valid Jabber account, and make sure your dialplan is correctly configured to use all features.

Before you begin

If your workspace administrator has already installed this app for your workspace, there is no need to perform this action.

Click Add to Slack below, and follow the instructions.

Before you begin

The sign-in address you use with Slack has to be the same address that you use to sign in to Jabber.

Your administrator must enable Jabber as a calling option in Slack.


Open a Direct Message (DM) or channel to the person you want to call.


Perform one of the following actions:

  • In a DM or channel, click the phone icon and select Cisco Jabber.

  • Click the user's profile, click Call and then select Cisco Jabber.

Use these commands with the Cisco Jabber app in Slack to call someone in a direct message, a phone number or a SIP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) using Jabber. You can also ask a colleague to call you, and get support information about Jabber using app commands in Slack. Entering a command will create a clickable link in the direct message or channel to launch Jabber.

When making a call using the Jabber app for the first time, Slack will ask you for confirmation. To stop receiving this message everytime you make a call, select the box Always open links from ciscotel and click Open Link.

Table 1. App Commands for Jabber




In a Direct Message with another user on Slack, performing this command will provide a link to open a Jabber call with that user.

/jabber @[searchname]

Search for a colleague in your directory to call.

/jabber [number]

Calls the phone number that you entered.

/jabber [email address]

Calls the email address that you entered using SIP URI.


In a Direct Message with another user on Slack, performing this command sends an active call button to your colleague to call you.


Sign into your workspace administrator account in Slack.


Click Add to Slack below and follow the instructions.

Before you begin

If you're using the free version of Slack, then you can only use a single calling application with the Slack Call button. If you're on a paid plan, (Standard, Plus, Enterprise), then multiple calling apps can be associated with the Call button.


Perform one of the following actions:

  • In a web browser, go to your Teams Settings page.
  • Click your workspace name in the top left, and then select Settings and Administration > Workspace Settings.


In the Settings tab, scroll down the page, and next to Calls, click Expand.


Under Calling Options, check the box next to Cisco Jabber.


Click Save.

This app setting in Slack lets you choose the default calling behavior of the Cisco Jabber calling application. Choose between email address (SIP URI) and phone numbers.

This administration setting will set the calling method for your entire workspace.


In your Slack workplace, click Apps.


Click Cisco Jabber.


Under the Home tab, select your calling method in the drop-down menu.