Remote Access Agent Does Not Connect on Windows Server 2003

Remote Access agent does not connect on Windows Server 2003.

Remote Access agent blinking on Windows Server 2003.

My Remote Access agent won't connect on my Windows Server 2003.


After the Remote Access (RA) agent calls for the wininet API to create an SSL connection to the Webex RA server, the wininet API receives an SSL handshake response. Once established, the wininet API will create a new connection to the certification server to update the Certificate Revocation List (CRL). If there is no exception within the user's proxy or firewall, the connection to the RA server may be terminated.


Most firewalls and proxy servers do not allow direct connections to certification servers. This issue can occur if the Remote Access (RA) agent attempts a direct connection to the Webex server.


To resolve this issue, add the following to the proxy exception list ( and/or

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