Can Low Bandwidth Attendees View or Share Webex HQ or HD Video?

Can low bandwidth attendees view or share Webex HQ or HD video?

What bandwidth is needed for HD (720p) video support?

Will HQ or HD video work for users with low bandwidth?

What Internet connection speed do I need for HD or High-Quality video>

What happens to HD or HQ video for users on slower connections?


Webex Meetings, Webex Training, Webex Events and Webex Support have high-definition (HD) capability and support high-quality (HQ) video.

Webex High Quality video uses dynamic quality adjustment per user based on their Internet connection speed and PC specs. If a user doesn't have enough bandwidth or processing power to send or receive video in HD (720p) or HQ (360p resolution), the attendee's video window will display a Standard Quality video (180p resolution) webcam stream. The number of frames per second the attendee sees may also be reduced to accommodate their connection speed.

Note: Cisco Webex Video Platform meetings may have users sharing video from HD video endpoints. The stream from these devices has a minimum video resolution of >= 180p.

Any participants who are below the minimum 180p bandwidth requirements of at least 330 kbps (send), and 245 kbps (receive), will receive a 'Low Bandwidth' error message instead of the video stream.

For help with the Low Bandwidth error, see: WBX84420 - Low-Bandwidth Errors in Cisco Webex Video Platform Meetings

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