Integrations and bots explained

All Webex App users can browse through the available list in the Webex App Hub and choose a bot or an integration. The bots and integrations are grouped into categories, for example, customer relations, developer tools.

You don't need to know coding or use APIs to use bots or integrations. But if you want to build your own, see to learn how.


You can use integrations to connect other tools to Webex App. For each integration you add, you are presented with a consent page that lists the functionality the integration needs to work in Webex App.

When you remove the integration this access is also removed.

Functionality depends on the integration and how it is configured. The following are some things to know about integrations:

  • They may be able to see the list of all space titles that you're in.

  • They may be able to post messages or content on behalf of the person who sets them up in a space.

  • They may be able to respond to commands.

  • They may be able to alert you whenever someone edits or configures something.


A bot acts like any other Webex App user. It has a special bot badge though, so you can tell it isn't human.

The bot can post messages, answer your questions, let you know when something happens, or do your bidding like an in-app assistant.

Keep in mind when you're working with a bot:

  • A bot only reads the information you send to it directly. If you're in a group space, use an @mention when you want it to respond. If you're in a space with just the bot, then the bot reads every message.

  • Some bots only respond to specific commands. Others can understand natural language questions and requests.


If you're having issues with an integration or bot, please reach out to the company who created it. You can find the company name below the bot or integration name in the Webex App Hub. If you notice anything urgent, please report issues to Cisco reviews every integration and bot listed in the Webex App Hub.

Add bots and integrations

If the tool you want to integrate requires you to create an account, create it before adding the integration.

Go to Webex App Hub and click Log in using your Webex App user name and password.


Click your profile picture and select My Webex Integrations to see your current integrations.


Click Webex App.


Click the icon of the integration or bot you want to add or connect to:

  • To add an integration click Connect.

    Some integrations may have unique requirements, review the details in Webex App Hub.

  • To add a bot click Add to Space. The spaces listed are spaces with two or more people or team spaces. However, you can start a conversation directly with the bot, create a space and add the bot using the bot name and For example, add the Help bot using

Follow the prompts to add your bot or integration to a space in Webex App.

Remove an integration

For all of the integrations listed on Webex App Hub, you can review the access permissions and remove the integrations.

Sign into Webex App Hub using your Webex App user name and password.


Click your profile picture and select My Webex Integrations to see a list of all the integrations you have added.


Select the integration you want to remove and click Disconnect.

The integration is removed from all spaces and the access permissions are disconnected.

Remove a bot

You can remove bots from teams and spaces in the same way you remove members from teams and spaces.