Known Issues and Limitations for the Webex Meetings Desktop Application

See the Webex Meetings Web App Known Issues and Limitations for info on the web app.

Mac Outlook Plugin in the Cisco Webex Desktop App Requires Upgrade to Version 39.5.1

The Webex Mac Outlook plugin doesn’t recognize Webex meetings in Mac Outlook 16.23 or later for Microsoft Office 365, with the controls still showing Add Webex Meeting when users open an appointment and try to edit it.

To restore this interoperability between the Webex Mac Outlook plugin and Windows Outlook plugin, you must upgrade your Webex Outlook plugin to WBS39.5.1 or later.

For these changes:

  • The site administrator must check Automatically link users with this Webex site if their Webex account email address matches their Microsoft Office 365 email address in the Cisco Webex Site Administration’s Configuration > Common Site Settings > Third-Party Integration.

  • The administrator must authorize Webex access to Microsoft Office 365 in Webex Site Administration. Select Add New Authorization to start the process.

  • For more information on deploying and configuring the Cisco Webex Scheduler for Microsoft 365, see Deploy and Configure the Cisco Webex Scheduler for Microsoft 365.

  • Ensure the email address that's used in Webex is the same as the Microsoft 365 account, and that the email address is verified in Webex.

For more information on email verification, see:

Known Issues with the Webex Outlook plugin WBS39.5.1

  • Interop issue on Personal Room meeting: The Webex Personal Room meeting information can't be deleted when selecting Cancel Webex Meeting in Mac Outlook if the meeting is created or updated by the Webex Outlook plugin for windows. A workaround for this is to cancel the Outlook appointment.

  • Interop issue on PCN meeting: The button still shows Add Webex Meeting when users open the appointment in Mac Outlook if the meeting is created or updated by Webex Windows Outlook plugin. There’s no workaround.

  • Schedule on behalf of the issue on MAC outlook version 16.25(19051201): A Mac Outlook defect is identified and it impacts the Webex Scheduler. This Outlook defect was fixed in the Microsoft Office slow channel 16.26 (19053000) and Microsoft Office fast channel 16.27(19060500). This defect is that when an assistant opens another person’s calendar, and tries to create an appointment for that person, the appointment is created for the assistant. The workaround is to upgrade to Mac Outlook 16.26 or later.


Sites that have upgraded to the new Webex Mac Outlook plugin 39.5.1, but don't meet the preconditions receive an error message when trying to update or edit a Webex meeting.

Backward compatibility

This new version doesn’t fix previous meetings that were scheduled by the old Webex Windows or Mac Outlook plugins. The same error message appears when users try to update or edit a Webex meeting.

  • Cisco Webex is redirecting the primary service to GSB for this change.

  • Without this upgrade, users are unable create and update Webex meetings using the Webex Mac Outlook plugin.

  • Sites receive this update automatically only if the Auto Update is enabled.

General Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Known Issues and Limitations

  • After the Webex desktop app is installed, there are two items in the Windows application list. Selecting either for uninstallation removes both of them.

  • After users start a meeting from desktop app, there are two Webex icons on the task bar. These will be merged later.

  • The user interface display may appear distorted after DPI is change on Microsoft Windows. To correct it, sign out of Windows and sign in again.

  • Scheduling in Microsoft Outlook with an account set up from Google Calendar isn’t supported.

  • The desktop app can only read the meeting list when Microsoft Outlook is installed and logged in. Mac users must configure their Outlook account email address and password the first time they use the application.

  • For Windows 7 and Outlook 2016 users, the desktop app may not be able to scrape the meeting list from the Outlook calendar because Windows 7 doesn’t have some library files that Outlook 2016 needs. See the Microsoft website to download the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages. Windows 7 and Outlook 2013 don’t have this issue.

  • Windows users may receive a MAPI error when the desktop app attempts to read the meeting list from the Outlook calendar. Exit the Outlook application and restart.

  • When users try to start or join Webex meetings which require authentication on a different site, the meeting application will redirect user to the browser first. Cisco Webex Events and Cisco Webex Training users are also redirected to the browser first.

  • When users try to join a meeting on a Webex site which is different from the site that signed in through the desktop app, the start and join flows are redirected to the browser first instead of launching the Webex Meetings application.

  • The proximity pairing function of the desktop app only uses exclusive mode to try to pair with Cisco video devices when users click Connect to a Device on Windows. This means that other applications running in exclusive mode blocks or impact the pairing.

  • The proximity pairing function may not work on Windows if the setting Enable Audio Enhancements is enabled. To prevent this, follow these steps:

    From the Recording tab of your Windows Sound configuration screen, select Properties, then disable (uncheck) Enable audio enhancements.

  • If a PC has multiple screens, only the content on the main screen is shared to the paired Cisco video devices.

  • If the PC has a headset that's plugged in, Cisco video devices won't be detected through proximity.

  • When the endpoint is paired with desktop app, "Share On Device" means project your desktop to the video system screen wirelessly without Webex Meetings.

  • The Webex Meetings desktop app does not show meeting information shared from the Hybrid Calendar Service.

  • If you select Webex as the calendar that you use for your meetings list, meetings scheduled in Personal Rooms don't appear.

  • Webex Meetings Desktop app can't pair with a public IP address device using the Proximity for the security reasons.