When you first land on the Control Hub, the initial recommended step is to synchronize the Control Hub users with the Contact Center. Once you've synchronized the users, you can begin configuring them in Contact Center.

Ensure that you have the users added with Contact Center license entitlements after you have provisioned the Contact Center services. Refer to Ways to Add Users to Webex Contact Center article for more information on adding the users.

Once you have users with Contact Center entitlements, it's important to synchronize them with Contact Center. This step is necessary to successfully assign Contact Center privileges to the users. To learn about the different roles and privileges available in Contact Center, see Webex Contact Center Administrator Roles and Privileges.

To synchronize the users:


Sign in to Control Hub.


Navigate to Services > Contact Center.


From the Contact Center navigation pane, select Tenant settings > General.


Click Synchronize Users.

What to do next

To optimize Contact Center for your needs, we recommend configuring security, voice, and desktop settings to suit your specific requirements.