Before you begin

Access Receptionist from the Calling User Portal. For steps on how to sign in, see Sign In to the Dashboard.


When on an active call, place a second call (either from the dialer or from the contacts pane).


After the call connects, click CONF.


(Optional) To remove a specific call from the conference, hover over the call you want to remove, then click End.


(Optional) To exit the call, click Leave Conference.


If you are the initiator of the conference then the call will end for all participants, unless the call is a 3 party call, then the other 2 parties will revert to a direct call. If you are a participant in the conference, the conference will leave the other parties connected if you leave the conference.


You can start a conference call with two calls that are already active by selecting one of the calls and then hovering over the call to add and clicking Conference.

Want to see how it's done? Watch this video demonstration on how to place a conference call using Receptionist.