Once you've set up the Cisco Webex Teams app, you're ready to start getting work done. Learn how to messages to create new spaces, read messages, and share files.

Sending Messages

Sending a message to someone in Webex Teams is as easy as knowing their name or email. Just go to and choose Contact a Person to enter their email or name. Then, just type and send your message, and you've now just created a space just for the two of you. The next time you message them, you can just select their name from the list of your spaces.

If you need to send a message to a group of people at the same time, go to , and choose Create a Space. Then, give the space a name and enter the email addresses of the people you want to include. Type and send your message, and now you've created a space for this group of people. The next time you message them, you can just select the space name from list of your spaces.

You can add more personality to your messages with emojis or animated GIFs. Or, you can add formatting or Markdown to your messages to make the text stand out or be easier to read.

Use @Mentions to get someone's attention in a space. @Mentions help people notice urgent or important messages. If you have important information for the entire team, type @all in a message to get everyone's attention. But, use @All sparingly because everyone in the space will get notified.

Reading Messages

New messages show in bold; just click one to read it.

You can also flag messages that you think are important to follow up on them later. When someone @Mentions you directly in a space, you'll get a notification. You can find your flagged messages and @Mentions in your message filters. You'll be able to filter between your @Me mentions, that need your immediate attention, or @All mentions sent to everyone, so that you can easily distinguish between your most important messages.

Sharing and Viewing Content

You can share files, pictures, videos, and even gifs in Webex Teams. Just click on a shared file to preview it or download the file to your device. The Webex Teams app keeps a list of all the content shared in a space, so you'll never lose track of them.

Navigating Webex Teams at a Quick Glance

We've included this graphic to help you get familiar with some of the terms we use in Webex Teams messaging and so you can get a quick look at how you do these things. You can learn more about these terms and the overall Webex Teams UI too.