Webex Calling can reduce operational costs and improve productivity by helping you migrate critical business communications to the cloud. When combined with other Webex apps and devices, it is the heart of a complete enterprise cloud calling and collaboration experience. Cisco supports on-premises, in the cloud, and mixed model deployments to keep our customers connected and productive from anywhere; even during disruptive market events.

Webex Calling now includes a dedicated cloud instance option based on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager architecture. Dedicated Instance is integrated with Webex Calling and takes advantage of Webex platform services, bringing cloud innovation and an enhanced experience to customers who need to support older Cisco endpoints, local survivability solutions, or existing integrations part of critical business workflows.

The Dedicated Instance add-on for Webex Calling includes:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • Cisco Unified IM and Presence

  • Cisco Unified Unity Connection

  • Cisco Expressway

  • Cisco Emergency Responder (Americas region only)

Simple Migration Path

Dedicated Instance for Webex Calling provides a simplified cloud migration path from a legacy PBX as well as on-premises Unified Communications Manager systems.

Dedicated Instance alleviates the pain-points associated with enterprise calling migrations to the cloud:

No Disruptions – Dedicated Instance has the same features, functionality, user experience and integration options supported by Unified Communications Manager deployed on premises, including support for Jabber and Webex App. This creates a frictionless migration to the cloud with no end user or administrator training required for existing Unified Communications Manager customers. Dedicated Instance can be trunked to third party PBXs, allowing new Cisco customers a flexible migration schedule.

Customization – A dedicated private instance for every customer, allows for a highly customizable cloud deployment, which is a unique differentiator from other cloud calling offers in the market. Dedicated Instance’s open APIs enable deep third-party application integrations allowing customers to build a calling environment that supports unique business workflows.

Uncompromised Security – With Dedicated Instance customers have access to all the Unified Communications Manager security features for Endpoints and UC applications like encrypted media, secure SRST, secure OTT registration use MRA.

In addition, customers have access to important physical security features like Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) for site connectivity in the event network links go down and Cisco Emergency Responder and Nomadic E911 to ensure employees can be located by emergency responders when in the office or in a hybrid mode of work. 

Extended ROI – Dedicated Instance supports the same voice and video endpoints as the associated UC Manager release, eliminating the requirement to refresh all customer endpoints when migrating to the cloud and extending the ROI of these assets.

Basic Inter-Op – Dedicated Instance is integrated with Webex Calling for call routing via the the Webex platform. Customers have the flexibility to distribute users across both Dedicated Instance and Webex Calling, and adjust over time as needed to address their cloud calling business requirements.

Customers who split users across platforms will experience different features. The calling features are not harmonized between Dedicated Instance and Webex Calling. For example, Webex Calling users cannot be part of a hunt group on Dedicated Instance.

Solution Availability

The Dedicated Instance service is globally available and is orderable as an add-on for Webex Calling Flex Plan 3.0 through partners in specific countries. See the Global Availability Guide for more details.

Dedicated Instance supports the same level of localization as our on-premise Unified Communications Manager. It supports phone and gateway tones in 82 countries, a self-care portal in 50 languages, and clients in more than 30 languages.


Dedicated Instance offers the most efficient migration path to the cloud for existing Unified Communications Manager customers, with the following key benefits:
  • Dedicated Calling application instance hosted and operated by Cisco in Webex Data Centers
  • Customizable Calling platform
  • Flexible, quickly scalable architecture
  • Familiar user experience, reducing the need for employee retraining
  • Unified client for calling, messaging, meetings and team collaboration that is usable across all device types
  • Compatibility with Cisco’s full portfolio of phones, gateways, and video devices
  • Integrates with Webex meetings, messaging, and calling as part of the Webex suite, enabling an amazing end to end customer experience.

For supported endpoints and devices, please click here.