If you share a workspace with your coworkers, then you may be able to sign in and book your device with Hot desking.

Hot desking gives you the benefits of a personal meeting device, including meeting notifications five minutes before the start time. Notifications originate from your personal calendar. You join your meetings with One Button to Push.

Hot desking includes the standard Webex meeting features, such as a personal whiteboard. You can access your personal meeting room from Join Webex, and you get host controls for meetings that you moderate.

If you want a hands-free approach, Hot desking is compatible with a personalized Webex Assistant for Devices. Try it with phrases such as "Join my personal meeting room."

If you don't book your device, then you can use it as a shared device.


Hot desking requires an Internet connection. But you can experience network connectivity issues occasionally. To resolve this issue, you unplug the network cable, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in to Webex Desk Hub.

Book your device and reserve your workspace for your stay.

If you're on a call or in a meeting when your booking expires, then you're signed out when you hang up. A notification prompts you to extend your stay 15 minutes before your booking ends.

Before you begin

Do the following before you book your device:

  • Install Webex App on your laptop or mobile phone. For more information, see Get Started with Webex App.

  • If you want to use your computer to sign in and book your device, then locate the USB-C cable that came with your device.

  • If you want to use your mobile phone to sign in and book your device, locate the NFC chip in your phone. Each manufacturer places the chip in a different location so consult your phone documentation. But for Apple users, the chip lies to the right of your camera. For Android users, it's in the middle of the phone.

    Some older phones don't support NFC. Thick protective cases can also block the NFC chip.

    NFC sign-in is only available on Webex Desk Hub.


Choose one of the following:

  • Use your computer to sign in and book your device—connect your device to your computer with the USB-C cable. Wait for the device to connect to Webex App.

    This feature isn't available for mobile phones. For more information, see Connect a Webex desk device to Webex App with a USB-C cable.

  • Use your mobile phone to sign in and book your device—Tap the NFC chip in your mobile phone against the NFC icon on the Webex Desk Hub. Hold it against the icon for one second.

    For more information about the NFC logo location, see Your Webex Desk Hub.

    If you can't pair your phone, then repeat the touch-and-hold movement with a one-second pause between attempts. Some mobile phones don't support NFC so consult your mobile phone documentation. Thick protective cases block the NFC signal.

    NFC Sign-in is only available on Desk Hub. Some businesses may turn it off, but it's available to you if it's on your home screen.


Choose your time from the time selector and then tap Book Desk.

You can change your booking if your plans change.


Tap the top-left corner of the device screen.


Tap Change Booking.


Update your booking and tap Book desk so you save your new reservation.

If your plans change, then book out earlier so your workspace is available for somebody else. Otherwise, you're booked out when the booking expires.

Fifteen minutes before your booking ends, a notification prompts you to extend your stay by 1 hour.


Tap the top-left corner of the device screen.


Tap Sign out.