Make a video call

Cisco IP Phones 8845 and 8865 support video calls as long as the person you're calling also has a video phone. The ring on the outside of the camera controls the shutter.

Video calling between Webex Calling MPP devices is restricted to internal calls within your own company. It includes calls to others within your own site and to other locations.


Turn the ring around the camera clockwise to open the shutter.


(Optional) Press Self-view and move the camera up and down to improve the perspective.


Make your call.

Stop your video

When you're on a video call, you can close the shutter to stop video transmission.

When you close the shutter, the person you're talking to won't see you, but they'll still be able to hear you.


Turn the ring around the camera counterclockwise to close the shutter. The phone stops video transmission.


Turn the ring around the camera clockwise to open the shutter. The phone starts video transmission.

Toggle between phone and video display

If you need to see your phone's desktop while you're on a video call, you can easily switch between the video and the desktop. When you hide the video, it blurs and moves to the background.


Press the Call list softkey to hide the video.


Press the Show video softkey to show the video.

Adjust the Picture-In-Picture (PiP) position

When you are on a video call, you can view your incoming and your outgoing video at the same time, which is known as Picture-in-Picture (PiP). Typically, the incoming video displays on the full screen and a small inset screen shows the video from your camera.

When PiP is on, you can move the inset picture to a different quadrant of the screen. You can also change the view so that your camera video displays on the full screen and the inset displays the incoming video.


Press PiP to move the PiP window counterclockwise around your phone screen. Or, use the Navigation ring to move the PiP window.


(Optional) Press Swap to toggle between the full-screen view and the PiP view.

Video call security and troubleshooting information

Your administrator can take steps to protect your video calls from tampering by people outside your company. If you see the Secure icon displayed during a video call, your administrator has taken steps to ensure your privacy.

When you are in a video call, the video can fail if there is insufficient network bandwidth. The audio continues, but the video stops. If you require the video, hang up, wait a few minutes, and start the call again. If there is still insufficient bandwidth, contact your administrator.