In the October 2021 (41.10) release, Windows 7.x, 8.x and MacOS 10.12 operating systems will reach end of support. The minimum requirement for the Webex app will be Windows 10 and MacOS 10.13. Users running on Windows 7.x, 8.x or MacOS 10.12 operating systems will no longer receive new releases or features after the October release.

Además, ya no proporcionaremos correcciones de errores ni actualizaciones para estas versiones. Para tener la mejor experiencia posible, planifique mejorar su sistema operativo antes de octubre de 2021. Consulte nuestro artículo de ayuda sobre los requisitos del sistema.

El 31 de enero de 2022, finalizaremos oficialmente el soporte de la aplicación Webex en estos sistemas operativos.

If you use Windows 7.x, 8.x or MacOS 10.12 operating systems, you will no longer receive new releases or features after the October release. We will no longer provide bug fixes specific to these operating systems post this release. You will see an in-app popup informing you of this change with the October update.

You will be able to sign in, but some workflows might or might not work if you're running Webex App on these un-supported operating systems. At some point after that (April 2022), we will completely block sign-in to the app.

If there are security updates, we will patch the last supported release of Webex App on the un-supported Operating system which is October (41.10) release.

Yes, you will get an in-app notification informing you that you're using Webex App on an un-supported Operating System.

Yes, you can use the Webex web app for continuity.

Yes, if you click on a link, you will still be able to join the meeting. You will not be able to join from Webex App.

They will get the last update that was built on Windows 7 and 8 which will be the October release.

Yes, it does impact VDI. Our telemetry shows that we don’t have users running ThinClient on Windows 7.x or 8.x operating systems. For HVD, the same rules of the main app apply.

In the January 2022 (42.1) update, we will officially end of life support for Windows operating systems earlier than Windows 10. Los usuarios de Windows 7 y Windows 8/8.1 podrán seguir iniciando reuniones o entrando a ellas. Sin embargo, para una mejor experiencia, recomendamos actualizar a la última versión de Windows.

We will stop issuing fixes for any issues reported for Webex Meetings running on Windows 7.x or 8.x operating systems that are specific to this operating system.

Yes, you will still get monthly updates for the Webex Meetings desktop app.

If the you join the meeting by clicking a link, you will be informed that you're joining from an operating system that is un-supported.

Yes, you will be able to sign in to the Webex Meetings app.

On the slow channel you can continue to use the Webex Meetings app on the un-supported operating systems. We will not be testing on these un-supported operating systems and we will not issue any fixes specific to these operating systems.

MacOS 10.13 has been the minimum requirement for Webex Meetings for some time now.