IVR Does Not Ask for the Host PIN When Starting a Webex Meeting Using a Polycom Endpoint

IVR does not ask for the Host PIN when starting a Webex meeting using a Polycom Endpoint.

Host is not being prompted to enter the Host PIN when starting a Webex meeting from a Polycom Endpoint using H.323.

IVR is not asking for my Host PIN when I use a Polycom Endpoint to start my Personal Meeting Room (PMR).

This behaviour is by design. The Polycom Video Endpoints only support In-band DTMF for H.323 calls, whereas Cisco VCS supports Out of Band DTMF. SIP protocol can be used instead of H.323 protocol, to avoid this issue.


  • Cisco Webex Video Platform does not support SIP endpoints that are configured in standalone mode.
  • End points need to be registered to a call control device when using SIP protocol on a Polycom Endpoint.

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