• The Devices page of Control Hub will indicate all Webex Go devices as Status Unavailable. Administrators can however retrieve the status by selecting the device from User view.

  • Terminations to the Webex Go endpoint may be longer than that for other Webex calling devices. After provisioning Webex Go for a user, admins are strongly recommended to increase the number of rings before playing the ‘no answer’ message to 6 (Default value is 3). End users can also update this configuration from the settings.webex.com portal (Setting: Number of rings before greeting)

    Voicemail setting on Control Hub

    Voicemail setting on user portal

  • Two-digit extension dialing is not supported on Webex Go.

  • If a Webex app user sets Do not Disturb (DND), calling notifications are only enabled on the application and the Webex Go device will ring. However, if the user sets Do not Disturb on an MPP device, calling notifications are muted on the Webex Go device.

  • When a user declines a call on the Webex Go device, the other Webex calling endpoints (MPP, Webex application) will continue to ring. On the other hand, if a Webex Go user declines a call on MPP or Webex application, the call will be processed via busy service.

  • When a user places a call on hold on the Webex Go device, music on hold will not be played.

  • When activating Webex Go, the plan name will show as TIM on an Apple iPhone and Mobile-X on Google Pixel.

  • Webex Go users will not receive voicemail notifications on the native mobile dialer. However, voicemails can be retrieved by long pressing 1 or dialing *86 from the Webex Go line in the native dialer. Voicemails will also be available from the Webex application.