Making changes to the Remote Access Agent settings through Site Administration doesn't apply to existing installations. Uninstall and reinstall the Remote Access Agent to apply any changes.


On the remote computer, the customer goes to your Webex site.


From their profile in the navigation bar, the customer selects More Features > Webex Support.


On the Support page, the customer goes to the Downloads section, and then selects the Download Remote Access Installer for Windows link.


The customer downloads and runs the InstallShield Wizard for Webex Remote Access.


The Remote Access setup wizard appears. In the setup wizard, the customer types information and specifies options on the following panels:

  • Account Information : Type a computer name and the URL to your Webex site. Then select Next .

    If you are installing the Remote Access Agent on a server with proxy server authentication enabled, Remote Access Setup Wizard automatically detects the proxy server and displays a dialog box in which you provide the proxy server information.

  • Options : Specify the options for the computer that you want to access remotely. Then select Next .

  • Access : Select the applications that you want to access on the remote computer or select the computer’s entire desktop. Then select Next .


On the Setup Complete panel, the customer selects Finish to complete installation of the Remote Access Agent.

The Remote Access Agent logs the remote computer in to the Remote Access network.

The Webex Remote Access - Available icon appears on the remote computer’s taskbar.

The computer, represented by the computer icon on the Manage Groups page, appears in the Root group.

The computer, represented by the computer icon on the Groups page, appears in the Root group.

The computer is now available for remote access.