Latency Troubleshooting Best Practices

If you're experiencing an issue with latency in your Cisco Webex meetings, see our Latency Troubleshooting Best Practices.

Latency troubleshooting best practices.

How do I troubleshoot customer latency issues?

What is normal latency for transcontinental meetings?

What affects the performance of my events?


Latency Troubleshooting Best Practices:

Business or Corporate Class Connections:WBX38778
Ports Used by the Webex Client for Communication:WBX264
Residential DSL or Cable Connections:WBX38785

Transcontinental meetings:

There will be some latency with transcontinental meetings. It is not unreasonable to see a 5 to 6 seconds delay for an attendee overseas.

If there is more than 10-15 second delays, gather normal latency troubleshooting information. It is not uncommon to see hops ranging from 150 ms - 250 ms when accessing transcontinental sites. Repeated hops over 250 ms would be problematic.

Some of the factors that affect performance include:

  • The speed of your computer's Internet connection
  • Internet traffic
  • Performance of your firewall and proxy servers

Although you may have a high-speed connection to the Internet, there may be congestion or packet loss on the Internet. You usually can't do much about it other than to inform your network administrator or Internet service provider. Congestion is often transient and resolves itself over time. You should, however, report serious or persistent problems.

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