What is the Java Applet Removal Tool?

What is the Java applet removal tool?

How do I run the Java applet removal tool?

How do I remove cached Java Applets?

How do I remove the Webex Trusted Certificate?


The instructions shown here are for Windows users. The instructions for Mac users are similar, however.


When customers use Java to join a Meeting, Java Applets are cached to accelerate the process the next time they join.

A removal tool was created to clear these cached Applets as well as the Webex trusted Certificate.

The Java Applet Removal Tool will be posted on the Support Downloads page.

To download and run the tool:

  1. Go to Cisco Webex and 3rd Party Support Utilities
  2. Click on the link for Webex Java Applet Removal Utility.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Click on Save or Save File.
  5. Go to your Downloads folder.
  6. Open and run the Webex_java_removal_tool.zip.
  7. Extract all the files into a new folder. (For example under My Documents > Java Applet Removal)
  8. Open the new folder.

    The folder will open to show the following files:

  9. Click to open Webex_removal_agent.jar.
  10. The file will open your Java console and run the tool, which takes a few seconds.

    The following text appears:

  11. You can close the Webex java applet removal window. The Webex Java Applet and trusted certificates are now removed successfully.

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