The list of countries available in the Country of Operation drop-down list in the Setup wizard is according to the availability of Webex Contact Center in various countries. To review the list of countries where Webex Contact Center is available, see the Geographic Terms and Restrictions section in the Offer Description: Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Contact Center article.

Based on the Country of Operation that you select on the Contact Center tab in the Setup wizard, the system creates the tenant in the closest data center.

The following table provides the mapping of the Country of Operation to the corresponding data center that is used to create a Webex Contact Center tenant:

No. Country of Operation Data Center
United States
1 Argentina United States
2 Aruba United States
3 Bahamas United States
4 Belize United States
5 Bermuda United States
6 Brazil United States
7 Caymen Islands United States
8 Chile United States
9 Colombia United States
10 Costa Rica United States
11 Curacao United States
12 Dominican Republic United States
13 Ecuador United States
14 El Salvador United States
15 Guatemala United States
16 Honduras United States
17 India United States
18 Jamaica United States
19 Mexico United States
20 Nicaragua United States
21 Panama United States
22 Peru United States
23 Puerto Rico United States
24 Trinidad and Tobago United States
25 United States United States
1 Canada Canada
1 Austria Germany
2 Belgium Germany
3 Bulgaria Germany
4 Cameroon Germany
5 Cote d’Ivoire Germany
6 Croatia Germany
7 Cyprus Germany
8 Czech Republic Germany
9 Denmark Germany
10 Egypt Germany
11 Estonia Germany
12 Finland Germany
13 France Germany
14 Ghana Germany
15 Georgia Germany
16 Germany Germany
17 Greece Germany
18 Hungary Germany
19 Iceland Germany
20 Israel Germany
21 Ireland Germany
22 Italy Germany
23 Jordan Germany
24 Latvia Germany
25 Lichtenstein Germany
26 Lithuania Germany
27 Luxembourg Germany
28 Malta Germany
29 Morocco Germany
30 Netherlands Germany
31 Nigeria Germany
32 Norway Germany
33 Poland Germany
34 Portugal Germany
35 Qatar Germany
36 Romania Germany
37 Slovakia Germany
38 Slovenia Germany
39 Spain Germany
40 Sweden Germany
41 Switzerland Germany
42 Turkey Germany
43 Uganda Germany
44 Ukraine Germany
45 United Arab Emirates Germany
46 Zambia Germany
United Kingdom
1 Saudi Arabia United Kingdom
2 South Africa United Kingdom
3 South Sudan United Kingdom
4 United Kingdom United Kingdom
1 Australia Australia
2 New Zealand Australia
3 Jordan Australia
1 Japan Japan
1 Hong Kong Singapore
2 Indonesia Singapore
3 Malaysia Singapore
4 Philippines Singapore
5 Singapore Singapore
6 South Korea Singapore
7 Taiwan Singapore
8 Thailand Singapore
9 Vietnam Singapore

The Webex Contact Center tenants host the following data:

  • Tenant Configuration Data

  • Call Data Records

  • Call Recordings

  • Reporting Data


Webex Contact Center uses Webex Teams for Chat services. The data for Chat services may not reside in the same data center that Webex Contact Center resides in. To view the list of data centers where Chat data resides, see the Data Residency in Webex article.