When you share a phone number, you can use that phone line just like you would any other line, but you should be aware of these special characteristics about shared lines:

  • The shared phone number can be configured to appear on a maximum of 35 devices.

  • The shared phone number appears on all phones that share the number.

  • If your coworker answers the call, the shared line button and the session button are solid red on your phone.

  • If you put a call on hold, your line button is solid red and the session button pulses red. Your coworker's line button is also solid red and the session button pulses red.

  • Once the shared line is configured, the call bridge can be invoked by using either

    • FAC Code

    • Soft keys

      Here is an example of customize PSK settings to add new soft key for Call Bridge as shown below:

Soft keys can be configured at three levels. See Configure and modify device settings in Webex Calling to configure soft keys at organization, location and device level.