Mobile application management currently isn't supported for Webex Meetings Online customers.

  • The Mobile Application Management (MAM) wrapper program's focus is to make IPA and APK files available to customers outside of app stores for MAM integration purposes. This program is provided free of charge (normal Jabber and Webex licensing costs do apply).

  • Cisco doesn't test any MAM wrappers or SDK integrations with Jabber or Webex, and only supports the unwrapped (latest released) version of Jabber and Webex. Any issues that customers find with the modified versions of Jabber or Webex must be reproduced with the unwrapped versions before submitting a Cisco support case.

  • While others may test their integrations with Cisco applications, Cisco cannot make any support statement around those integrations.

  • Integrations may sandbox applications, meaning that some interaction with other apps (such as Webex cross-launch) may not perform correctly.

  • Cisco only supports the latest version of Cisco Jabber, Webex App, and Webex Meetings mobile apps. As a result, there’s an expectation that customers upgrade their user bases once Cisco releases new versions in the App Store and Google Play Store. These versions will also be available through the MAM program.

  • Even if an initial MAM integration is successful, subsequent changes to the ecosystem including OS updates, new devices, new Jabber or Webex versions, and new wrappers, SDKs, or other software versions could break subsequent integrations. As such, we recommend that customers participate in our Early Adopter Program (EAP) also to ensure that updates to Jabber do not break use cases that the customer is targeting.

The Mobile Application Management License Agreement is an agreement that's made between Cisco and another organization or licensee looking to wrap the mobile application.

For more information, contact your site administrator or Cisco account representative. See How do I get help with Webex?.