After scheduling a webinar, under the Host tab, in the Email messages section, click Customize email template.

You can also select your webinar from the list under Calendar.

In the Reminders or Other section, click the reminder you want to customize.


To turn the reminder on or off, move the slider next to Enable reminder to On or Off.


Select the the email template you want to use or customize from the drop-down list, then select date and time you want to send the reminder and click Apply template.

If you have a license for 10,000 attendees or more, reminders can only be scheduled 12 or more hours in advance of the webinar start date and time, so that all attendees receive the reminder.

To make changes to the template you've just applied, click Edit template.


You can delete or rearrange variables, but never change the text in a variable. For example, in %Topic%, do not change the text Topic within the percentage signs. If you change it, Webex Webinars cannot substitute the correct text from your webinar information.

You can move variables within a template, but not between templates.


Click Save, then Back to customize email templates page.


Make any changes to other reminders, then click Back to webinar details page.


To send your reminders now, in the Email messages section, click Send emails.


Check the check boxes next to recipients, then click Send.


Click Done.