Put a call on hold


Do one of these actions:

  • Desk phones—Press Hold .
  • Conference phones—Press Hold.

To resume a call from hold:

  • Desk phones—Press Hold again.
  • Conference phones—Press Resume.

Swap between active and held calls

You can easily switch between active and held calls.


Press Swap to switch to the held call.


Press the session button for the held call to resume that call and place the other call on hold automatically.

Answer a call left on hold for too long

Your phone is configured to provide cues that let you know when you have left a call on hold for too long:

  • 6800 Series and 7800 Series desk phones—Flashing red line button

  • 6800 Series, 7800 Series, and 8800 Series desk phones—Flashing message indicator on the handset

  • Conference phones—Flashing LED bar

  • Visual notification on the phone screen

  • Ringing notification on the phone if a hold reminder is configured with phone web page

Do one of the following actions:

  • Desk phones—Press Hold or Resume to resume the held call.
  • Conference phones—Press Answer to resume the held call.