The old alerts that were available from the device details page will continue working until 31 March 2023. Your old alert rules will not be migrated. If you want to keep the same alerts, you have to create new rules.

You can configure alerts to be delivered through email, webhooks, or in a Webex App space. Regardless of the delivery channel configured, all alerts will always appear in Control Hub. Read more about Alert center and alerts.

For devices, you can create rules to get alerts for:

  • Offline and online events

  • Issues that are detected or resolved events


Sign in to Control Hub at and select which option to follow.

  1. Single device: Go to Devices. Select one of the devices and click Create Rule on the device details page.

  2. Several devices: Go to Devices. Select the devices that you want to add a rule for and click Edit. From the side panel, click New alert.

  3. All devices: Go to Alerts center and click Manage. Click Create rule.


From Service select Devices. Then select the Type and Severity level.

You can give the alert a Title to make it easier to recognize. If you choose a Webex App space as a deliver method, the title is used as the name for that space.


Enter the names of the specific devices that you want the rule to apply to or select All devices.

If you have selected one or more devices from the Devices page, the devices names show up here automatically.


Choose the delivery channel that you want to use to receive the alerts. Choose between Email, Webex App space, Webhook, or a combination.

To use the Webex space option, you must enable bots.

To use the webhook option, you must enable webhooks for alerts.


Click Save to create the rule.

You can find the rules you’ve created under the Manage tab. If you want to delete a rule you’ve created, select the rule, and click Delete rule.