Either a partner or a customer administrator can set up the services. We recommend that partners complete these steps before handing over the account to customer administrators.

You can use any supported browser to access Cisco Webex Control Hub.

Partner Administrator Access

  • For Trials—As a Partner administrator, you’ll be redirected to the services setup wizard once you click Yes to the Do you want to setup services for the customer? option on the Start Trial wizard confirmation page.

  • For Subscription Orders—As a Partner administrator, you’ll be redirected to the services setup wizard once you click Next on the Order Mapping wizard step that says, Thank you. Your order has been mapped correctly.

Customer Administrator Access

For Trials and Subscription Orders—Once a trial starts or a subscription order is successfully mapped, the customer administrator receives a welcome email on the email ID specified in the Start Trial wizard or Order Mapping wizard.

Follow these steps to access the customer administrator account on Control Hub.


Open the Welcome email.


Click the Get Started link in the email.


Enter a password and click Save & Sign In.


Accept the Terms of Service to access your Control Hub account.

When accessing the customer organization on Control Hub for the first time after a trial or a subscription has started, you would see the Setup wizard.


Review the plan and click Get Started.


Select a Subdomain for your organization and use the Check Availability option to confirm whether the subdomain is available.


Select Next and then click Finish.


Click the Gear () icon on the Cisco Webex Contact Center card.


Click Set Up Cisco Webex Contact Center in the Settings tab.


If you're planning to use the Webex Contact Center Chat feature, then ensure that the customer administrator logs in to this page and also click the Set Up Cisco Webex Contact Center button to setup chat services.

What to do next

You can add users using the article Ways to Add Users for Cisco Webex Contact Center.