'Call Me' is not Working after Joining a Webex Meeting

Use this article to troubleshoot Call Me Audio related issues.

'Call Me' is not working after joining a Webex meeting.

Customers joining a meeting on a mobile smart phone do not receive a call-back from Webex.

I do not receive a call on my phone after joining a Webex meeting.

I do not receive a call-back even though I have the correct country selected in the Audio Connection drop-down menu.

Error: 'There Is No Answer' when using Call Me feature, but phone does not ring.


Mentioned below are a few pre-conditions for using the Webex Call Me service:

  • The Call Me service works only to the countries listed in the Audio Connection window.
  • Input a Toll number. Call Me cannot call a Toll Free number located outside of the country from which the call is being made. The call is being made from within the USA, UK, or Singapore depending on which Webex audio bridge is assigned to the site.
  • Input the phone number appropriate for an international call. The call is coming from either the USA, UK, or Singapore. Try to input the phone number as though it is being dialed after the country code has been entered.
  • Webex does not call-back to Satellite phones (country code 870, 881), or Universal Personal Telecommunications phones (country code 878), or the catch-all country codes for International Networks telephone services not dedicated to a single country (country codes 882, 883).
  • Webex or it's carriers may impose a Call Me block in response to fraudulent use of the Call Me service. This may occur at a country-wide level, although individual numbers may be unblocked by request.

Contact Webex support for more information, see WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?.

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