Add Your Company Branding to Webex

Before you begin

This feature is enabled by your partner, if you don't see the Branding option in Organization Settings, contact your partner administrator.


From the customer view in, go to Organization Settings and scroll to Branding.


Under Applications choose the branding you want to apply from the following:

  • To add a logo—Select Use your own logo, click the input area to select a PNG file, and then click Open.

    For best results, the PNG file should be transparent, have no padding around the outside of the image and the file size must be less than 1 MB.

    This logo is shown in Webex in the navigation menu and the About window.

    Your users need to restart the Webex app to see the updated logo.

  • To add a custom color—Select Custom color in the Webex app, enter the hex color code for you color and click Save & Publish to all.

    This color is shown in Webex in the navigation menu.

    Your users need to restart Webex to see the updated color.