Care Desktop: Beállítások

Before You Begin

Ensure that you are signed in to the Care desktop.

Use the SEND FEEDBACK TO CISCO feature to provide feedback about the Care desktop.

    1Click Settings.
    2Click Support.
    3Click SEND FEEDBACK TO CISCO. A New Support Ticket page opens.
    1. Complete the New Support Ticket form.

    2. Click Submit to create a support ticket.

      When the case is assigned, a support engineer contacts you.

    Use the Upload Logs feature from your Care desktop. The log files are used to troubleshoot Care desktop issues.

      1Click Settings.
      2Click Support.
      3Click UPLOAD LOGS.

      You can receive notifications for an ongoing chat or a new task request, even if you are inactive on the Care desktop.
      Before You Begin

      Turn on browser notifications.

        1Click Settings and go to the Notifications tab.
        2Click Notify me for all new tasks to turn on notifications.

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