Care Desktop: Settings

Before You Begin

Ensure that you are signed in to the Care desktop.

Use the SEND FEEDBACK TO CISCO feature to provide feedback about the Care desktop.

    1 Click Settings.
    2 Click Support.
    3 Click SEND FEEDBACK TO CISCO. A New Support Ticket page opens.
    1. Complete the New Support Ticket form.

    2. Click Submit to create a support ticket.

      When the case is assigned, a support engineer contacts you.

    Use the Upload Logs feature from your Care desktop. The log files are used to troubleshoot Care desktop issues.

      1 Click Settings.
      2 Click Support.
      3 Click UPLOAD LOGS.

      You can receive notifications for an ongoing chat or a new task request, even if you are inactive on the Care desktop.
      Before You Begin

      Turn on browser notifications.

        1 Click Settings and go to the Notifications tab.
        2 Click Notify me for all new tasks to turn on notifications.

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