Computer telephony integration (CTI) enables you to use Webex App to leverage computer-processing functions while making, receiving, and managing telephone calls. CTI applications allow you to retrieve customer information from a database on the basis of information provided from the caller ID. CTI applications also enable you to use information that interactive voice response (IVR) system captures, so that the call is routed to the appropriate customer service representative or the information is provided to the individual who is receiving the call.

Currently, you can use Webex App to control Deskphone of the Desk IP phones or Remote Phones(Extend & Connect) using CTI when the Webex App is on premise.

When you work remotely from home will not be able to do Deskphone control of the Desk IP phones when the Webex App is connected over MRA without VPN as Cisco Expressway does not support it. You want to use Webex App to make and receive calls using a home or hotel phone (Extend & Connect), because their PC hardware or available network connection does not support VoIP will not work over MRA as Cisco Expressway does not support it.

Borderless CTI feature provides support to you over internet (MRA users). This feature enables you to control Desk-phone control and Extend and Connect. Borderless CTI provides:

  • Deskphone control: You want to connect Webex App to desk phone to handle calls (dial digits, make calls, end calls and so on )​

  • Extend & Connect : You want to use Webex App to make and receive calls which use home or hotel phone, because your PC hardware or available network connection does not support VoIP.​ Extend and Connect.

Configure CTI Application. For more information, see Configure CTI Applications.

  • Borderless CTI is supported on WxApps on Desktops and VDI.

  • WxApp on desktop covers both Windows and MAC OS.


Sign in to Control Hub https://admin.webex.com/login.


In the Services section, navigate to Calling > Dedicated Instance > Manage tab.

The list of cluster groups with the description, status, clusters and nodes appears.


Choose the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Publisher node and the respective Cisco Unified Communication Manager card opens.


Use the toggle button to enable Borderless CTI and follow the on-screen instructions to enable it.

To Configure CTI RD, Remote Destination and associate to end user in Unified CM, refer Extend and Connect.

  • This feature is supported on DI version of 14.2SU(2) and above, Webex App 42.7 and above.

  • Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series, Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series, Cisco Webex Desk Series (DX), Deskpro are the list of phone types supported.

    Other phone types like 69XX and SCCP phones are not supported.

  • Webex App Mobile and Tablet are not supported.