Partner management roles are only available to you when you are managing Webex organizations for your customers. When you sign in to https://admin.webex.com, you see a list of your customer organizations. This means you're signed in to Partner Hub, and you have a customer management role in a partner organization.

If you don't see a list of customers when you sign in to https://admin.webex.com, then your Webex account doesn't have a partner role. You're signed in to Control Hub as an administrator in your own Webex organization. If you're looking for information about administrator roles in Control Hub, then this article is more relevant to you.

Customer management roles

The following customer management roles can be assigned to users in the partner organization. These roles provide access to manage settings in Partner Hub or Control Hub for customer organizations that the partner manages.

  • Partner full administrator—Can manage settings for all customers that the partner manages. Can also assign admin roles to existing users in the organization and assign specific customers to be managed by partner admins.
  • Partner administrator—Can manage settings for customers that the administrator provisioned or who have been assigned to the user.
  • Partner read-only administrator—Can view settings for all customers that the partner manages. Does not have edit access.
  • Help desk administrator (Basic)— Can access Help Desk view (from Partner Hub’s Troubleshooting page). Can conduct cross-organization searches of all customers under the partner for troubleshooting and support. This role provides temporary read access to customer organizations under the partner.
  • Help desk administrator (Advanced)—This role provides everything that the above Basic role provides, but also lets the administrator request full administrator access from a customer administrator in order to fix problems.

The following table displays access privileges that the above administrators have to manage settings in Partner Hub and Control Hub on behalf of customer organizations that the partner manages.

Partner full adminPartner adminPartner read-only adminHelp desk admin (Basic)Help desk admin (Advanced)
Partner Hub settings
Assign admin roles
Partner analytics and reporting
Company policy and templates
Create customers
Begin and manage Webex trials
Customer organization settings
Customer listSee allSee partial (assigned customers)See allSee allSee all
Assign customer admin roles
User managementRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Device managementRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Company policy and templatesRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Analytics and reportsRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Licenses and upgradesRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Organization settingsRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
App integrationsRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Webex site managementRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Admin actions audit logRead-onlyRead-onlyTemporary when approved
Access to user-generated content
Legal hold
Access to join in-progress meetings
Retrieve logs


The provisioning administrator role is implicitly granted to a partner admin or partner full admin as they launch into a customer’s Control Hub. Provisioning admins can provision Webex orders and have a limited view of the customer’s Control Hub. The customer full admin can always promote the partner admin from provisioning admin to full admin through external admins functionality.

Assign customer management roles

As a partner full administrator, you can assign any user in your organization the role of partner full administrator or partner administrator.


Sign in to Partner Hub at http://admin.webex.com.


Go to Administrators, and click New Administrators.


Enter the email of the user that you want to add as a partner administrator, and click Validate.


Select the appropriate roles and click OK.

Assign customers to a partner administrator

Partner administrators can only access customer organizations that you assigned them to manage.


From the partner view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Administrators and select an administrator.


Under Managing Customer Organizations, enter the customer's organization name or organization ID that you want the partner administrator to manage.


Click Add.