The Out of Office Status is Not Getting Updated in Webex

The Out of Office status is not getting updated in Webex.

The incorrect In or Out of Office status is displayed in the Webex App.

The Out of Office state in Microsoft Outlook is not in sync with my Webex status.


Important Note: Creating an appointment on your calendar and setting it to show you as Out of Office (OOO) does not set the Out of Office status in Webex App. To set the OOO status properly in Webex:


  1. Open the File menu in Outlook.
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  1. Click on Automatic Replies.
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  1. Enable Send automatic replies, then click OK.
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  1. Click on Tools and select Out of Office.
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  1. Enter your Autoreply Settings, then click OK.
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The Webex app shows the 'Out of Office' status even though the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) setting in Microsoft Outlook has been changed to reflect 'Do send automatic replies'.

To resolve the Out of Office status issue:

  1. Log in to the Outlook Web App:
  2. Turn on 'Automatic Replies (Out of Office)' or the 'Out of Office Assistant' in Outlook. For help; see:
Note: The Webex Out of Office status is set by the Calendar Connector, which observes the auto-response status on the user's Exchange/Office 365/Google mailbox and may take up to 15-20 minutes to update.

If you are still experiencing the issue, please contact Webex Technical Support.

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