How Do I Troubleshoot Schedule on Behalf of Issues?

How do I troubleshoot Schedule on Behalf of issues?

Error: 'To schedule an online meeting for this host you must obtain scheduling permission from this host'

Error: 'You must get the scheduling permission from the host' when trying to schedule a meeting on behalf of another host

I am unable to schedule a meeting on behalf of my co-worker using the Outlook Integration.

Unable to schedule on behalf of another user.

Error: Unable to schedule on behalf of other user.


This issue may occur for the following reasons:

  • The other host hasn't granted your account permission to schedule for their account.
  • If using Outlook, the other host may not have granted your account permission to schedule on their behalf in Outlook.
  • The email address in use for the host account is an alias address, and does not match the primary email address specified in Outlook.
  • The Webex Desktop App may be configured to log in to the host account you are trying to schedule for, which is not a supported scenario. You must be signed into your own host account in order to schedule on behalf of other hosts.
  • Outlook may be configured with multiple mailboxes/calendars, which is an unsupported configuration with the Webex Desktop App.
  • Calendars within a shared mailbox are not supported.
Webex Desktop App version 32.1 and newer

The Webex Desktop App will direct end users to help documentation when they don't have sufficient privilege to use the "Schedule on behalf" function:
User-added image

Review the following articles before proceeding with the steps in this article:

To isolate and troubleshoot Schedule on Behalf of issues:

  1. Log into the Webex web site and try to schedule a meeting on behalf of the other host using the Advanced Scheduler.
  2. If there is no Schedule for: drop-down menu, contact the other host and ensure their email address is in the Scheduling Permission box. The Schedule on Behalf of field can be located in:
    • My Webex > Preferences > Scheduling Options > Scheduling permission.
  3. If scheduling on behalf of the other host is successful on the web site, but fails in the Webex Desktop App, go to Outlook, Under Webex, click the Schedule Meeting drop-down menu, choose Preferences.  Check the account login settings and make sure you are using your own account and NOT the person you are trying to schedule a meeting for (or another host account).
  4. If the Webex Desktop App login info is correct, check the email address associated with the Outlook calendar for the other host. Make sure it matches the email address that the other host is using in their Webex profile.
    • Note: If you are using an email alias, there may be a discrepancy between the email address in Outlook and the Webex web site. Your primary Outlook email address must match the email address used for the host account on the Webex site.
    • To set your primary email address:
      • Microsoft Outlook
        1. Go to the File menu.
        2. Click the Account Settings button, then select Account Settings....
        3. Under the E-mail tab, select the email address that matches the email address of your host profile, then click the Set as Default button.
        4. Click the Close button.
        5. Exit and restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.
  5. If Outlook is configured with two or more inboxes, disable the other inboxes and attempt to schedule a meeting.
    • Note: The Webex Desktop App does not support multiple inboxes. Temporarily disabling the second mailbox and re-enabling it may allow you to schedule on behalf of another user.
    • This issue could be due to the email mis-match on the Webex and Active Directory. To resolve this issue change the email address of the host account on the Webex site administration page to match the email address on Active Directory or vice versa.

If the issue persists, contact technical support. For help, see: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?­

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