Create Office Anywhere for a Location

The Office Anywhere feature is not automatically set up when service is provisioned. Before users can start using the Office Anywhere feature, you must first create Office Anywhere for a location, assigning a phone number to be used as the Office Anywhere portal.


From the customer view in, go to Services, and choose Calling > Features.


Click Office Anywhere > Create Office Anywhere.


Enter the following information:

  • Location

  • Office Anywhere Name

  • Phone Number

  • Extension (optional)

  • Announcement Language


Choose who can use the Office Anywhere portal - Everyone in the company or Only the users within this location.


To allow silent prompt mode, check the Silent Prompt Mode check box.


Click Create.

What to do next

Once Office Anywhere is created for a location, users within that location can configure the service in the Calling User Portal. To get to the Calling User Portal, go to and select Webex Calling. See this article for information on how to configure Office Anywhere settings in the Calling User Portal.

Get a List of Your Office Anywhere Phone Numbers


From the customer view in, go to Services, and choose Calling > Features > Office Anywhere.


Click Export to download a CSV file with the list of Office Anywhere numbers.

You can narrow the export list to location by selecting the location from the drop-down menu before clicking export.